Boeckenhoff Business Consulting

Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.

Mark Twain


Barbara went through a classical education with German Abitur, banking apprenticeship and business studies in Germany and the US, paired with several internships and exchange programs abroad.

IN her professional experience, she built-up specific competencies in lean management, efficiency, luxury customer behavior, marketing & sales, retail, and leadership.

In total, Barbara gained 15 years experience in the automotive sector in Germany, the US, and the Netherlands, as well as through projects in Switzerland and Korea. 10 out of the 15 years were in Management. Besides, her consulting projects brought her to expandind markets in the retail business and re-organizing teams and acting as HR & culture contact point. 

Here you find an overview of projects Barbara worked on over the past years. 


  • Retail expansion in new markets (premium retail department stores)
  • Exclusive Flagship Dealer program implementation 
  • Business Excellence on dealer level 
  • Corporate Identity management
  • Dealer Building Project Management 
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Mystery Shopping 
  • 'Dealer of tomorrow' transition
  • ...


  • Building up new business unit from scratch and development to success
  • Sales and marketing growth strategy for small unit to grow in scale and profitability  
  • Implementing new marketing team and roles
  • Intercultural leadership 
  • Reorganization and capacity analysis 


  • Acquisition of parternships
  • Building up B2B business (Wholesale)
  • Activation program development to increase profit 
  • Market steering 
  • Market entry USA 
  • Project lead Film and Fotoshoots 
  • (Luxury) Event Management 
  • Conception, implementation KPI reporting 
  • Database implementation for dealers & concepting B2B online sales platform..